1. sugapark:

    And now I need a fic based on that car scene…

    Or something with whipped cream…or chocolate

    And when Jimin licks whipped cream off his finger while looking at Yoongi suggestively…

    omg yessssssssssssss.

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  3. jimin-urarmy:

    I was so confused, why the fuck did jimin put the whipped cream in the bowl to only put it on the cake 5sec later…

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  5. lil-duckling:

    Chanyeol pls, give Tao back his apple or he’s gonna cry!

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  7. vixxtoobomb:

    remember the time hongbin was taking a million pics of vixx and leo got so annoyed he took his phone away so he sulked on the stairs like a lil emo kid


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  9. favorite chen moments shit chen says in showtime { i; ii }
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  11. How to act like a 23 year old on a Sports Event.





    kim minseok pls.

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  13. jackson pls
    — all i got7 (via fartsonew)
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  16. wangyourass:

    If you understand why JEON JUNGKOOK has to absolutely be spelled with capital letters, we should be friends. 

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  18. vhope:

     are u okay Namjoon?
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